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Online Harassment / Cyber Harassment - We Can Help

The good news is,  you’ve found a company who is willing to help you. The even better news  is…we’re also good at what we - which is helping you with Online  harassment. Some of the situations we can help with include:


  • Catfish Investigations
  • Person Hiding Behind a Screen Name
  • Romance Scams
  • Threats Made Online
  • Internet Defamation
  • Threats Made on Facebook
  • Blackmail Scams

  • Threatening or Harassing Email
  • Fake Profiles and Pages on Facebook
  • Online Extortion
  • Exposed Private Data
  • Personal Cyber-Attack
  • How to Stop Social Media Stalking
  • Somebody Hijacked My Account

  • Imposter Accounts
  • I Was Doxed
  • Harassing Posts on Social Media
  • Cyber Slander
  • Remove Naked Pictures Online
  • S extortion
  • Hacked Instagram


Help With Personal Attacks Online, Email Threats, Defamation - How It Works

First, we speak with  you over the phone so we can get a better understanding of your  situation, and so we can answer an immediate questions you may have. We  also collect the information you have about the subject, including items  such as email addresses, telephone numbers, user names, etc.

Next, we develop a  strategy to fix your problem. We discuss this strategy with you and  provide you with the likelihood of success, the pitfalls we may  encounter, the probability the suspect may find out about the  investigation and a few other details.

Then, it’s up to us  to implement our plan of attack. During the investigation process we  keep you up to date about significant findings or developments, and we  also answer any additional questions you may have.

After completion of  your investigation, we provide you with a detailed, written report  delivered in PDF format. If the information we find will be used in a  court proceeding, or turned over to law enforcement, then we also  document and save the investigation results in an evidentiary sound  manner.

Please keep in mind  - we are an investigation agency with over 85 years of continuous  service to the public. We are not a consumer database search service  like Pipl or Intelius. We are real investigators who use our time-tested  experience, logic and reasoning to search for the person harassing you.

Lastly, as we tell  most of our clients - these types of cases are not solved with  technology alone; it takes ingenuity, trickery and yes, some computer  skills.

Please visit our FAQ page to review any additional questions you may have.


Pricing for Online Investigation

We charge $85.00 per hour, with a minimum 6 Hour block of time.

Please call us at (877)  746-2569 if you need a different pricing structure, or have questions  about our services and the anticipated results.