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Pinterest Report Abuse

Pinterest does not provide direct links for reporting. Instead, follow the instructions outlined below.

Pinterest Removal Notes

Account Required:


Available Options:

Documentation from Pinterest


Pinterest Reporting and Blocking (their Security page)


Block someone



Harassment and cyberbullying


We don’t allow harassment and cyberbullying anywhere on Pinterest. That said, not all mean or unwanted interactions between Pinners necessarily go against our Acceptable Use Policy. Sometimes people discuss celebrities, people in the news, religion or other controversial topics, and that’s okay.


If you're uncomfortable interacting with someone on Pinterest, we recommend blocking them.


If the conversation rises to the level of bullying or harassment of a specific person, we’ll take it down. Let us know if someone is harassing you by posting things like your full name, address or your photograph.


If you’re the target of harassment or cyberbullying, here’s what you can do:


  1. Stop interacting with the person that’s harassing you
  2.  Block the Pinner so they can’t follow you or interact with your Pins
  3.  Report the harassing Pins or Pinner
  4. If you’re ever concerned about your safety, contact a law enforcement agency


You can also get in touch with us.

If you notice another person being harassed or bullied on Pinterest, ask them to write to us or report the harassing profile from their own account. In order to respond to these types of reports, it’s important that the person being harassed (or their legal guardian) contacts us directly.



Try using the report button!


You can use the report button to report a Pin, Pinner or comment. It’s the fastest way to report something to us.



Report something on Pinterest


If you come across something that goes against our policies, you can report it to us. We'll review your report and take action if we find something unacceptable.


 To report a Pin:


  1. Click into the Pin
  2. Click the flag at the bottom of the Pin
  3. Pick the appropriate report type, then click Next
  4. Pick the reason for your report, then Report Pin
  5. Click Done


To report a comment:


  1. Click into the Pin
  2. Hover over the flag to the right of the comment
  3. Click Report Comment
  4. Pick the reason for your report and click Report Comment


To report a message:


  1. Click the notifications button, then Messages
  2. Find the message and click into it
  3. Hover your cursor near the X and click the flag button
  4. Pick a reason to report the message
  5. Or, click Block to block the Pinner


What happens when you report something?

  • We'll review the report to see if it goes against our Acceptable Use Policy.
  •  You'll still be able to see someone's account, boards, Pins and comments after you report them.
  •  All reports are anonymous—we will never tell someone who reported their content.



Tips and Troubleshooting

The quickest way to get something addressed is to report the content using the methods above. You can also block a Pinner if you don't want them to interact with you.






We don't allow accounts that mislead or deceive others and we may update, transfer or permanently suspend accounts that do so.


If someone’s pretending to be you (for example, by using your profile picture), we want to hear about it. Click Get in touch with us at the bottom of the page and send us:


  1. The Pinterest profile URL you're worried about
  2. Your authentic Pinterest profile, if you have one
  3. Any other info we can use to verify your identity, like a Facebook or Twitter profile


When we look into reports of impersonation, we're checking to see whether a profile is actually pretending to be someone else. We'll consider the profile information, Pin descriptions, comments and board titles.


Remember, sometimes a user might share the same name as you or have a similar username, but might not necessarily be impersonating you. If that’s the case, that account might not be violating our Acceptable Use Policy.


You can also report profiles impersonating well-known public figures using this same process.



Pinterest uses the "Report something on Pinterest" as their primary reporting page. From there, you can report  a Pin, a comment, or a message.


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