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Pastebin Report Abuse

Pastebin does not provide direct links for reporting. Instead, follow the instructions outlined below.

Pastebin Removal Notes

Account Required:



Available Options:

Yes if you need to report a link or contact an Admin. No account required to report directly via email as outlined-below.


There is no link to report leaked personal information. Instead, Pastebin relies on reporting each "paste." Pastebin also allows you to submit requests via email, please see the below instructions.

Documentation from Pastebin


Please email all your questions to [email protected]


How can I get content removed?

You can use the 'REPORT ABUSE' button above each paste, this requires a Pastebin account. If you prefer to send us an email to tell us about a removal request, that is possible too.


  • 1. Please indicate who you are, why the item is abusive and also include the direct link to the item(s) you want removed.
  • 2. Make sure you write to us in english, otherwise we might ignore your email.


Due to the large volume of emails, we cannot reply to each one. But we do read every single email we receive, and take appropriate actions within 24 hours.


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