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A road to nowhere?

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Make no mistake, the Internet opened up a new frontier of data sources available to pretty much anybody, including the same people and subjects you are trying to find.


Over the past ten years, countless numbers of "online investigation" sites have saturated the legal industry. These sites promise quick and easy results, but the reality is, they sell you basic, outdated information - with no warranty or representations about the accuracy of their data.


Similarly, the Internet supplies a new arsenal of tools for skips, debtors, and people who don't want to be found. Virtual telephone numbers, virtual mailing addresses, cell phones, pre-paid cell phones, VOIP telephones and private mail drops – these are all items which easily conceal their identities and whereabouts.


It starts with a $20 search...which leads to a $40 search...which leads to another $75 search. Or, even worse, you're roped into a year-long agreement which auto-renews, and can end up costing you several hundred dollars.


Soon you find yourself inundated with so much useless data, that you either give up - or go to another source. And that "other" source returns the same, outdated information since there are only a few "clearing houses" of data.


We've been finding people for over 75 years and can confidently say - there is no single database on earth which will sort thru all this data to get you the information you need.


STOP wasting your time and money on $20 Internet searches. They only buy you a one-way ticket to...nowhere.




Use a real private investigator, not an unlicensed database service. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured investigators in the Riverside and Los Angeles areas of Southern California.



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