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I Was Doxed - Personal Information Posted Online

I was Doxed-Doxed California-Find Doxer-Erase doxed personal information posted online

Somebody Posted My Private Information

What is Doxing

My Phone Number Posted Online

Exposed Private  Information

I Got Doxed

Remove My Private Information

Someone Posted My Number Online

Leaked Personal Information Posted Online


Overview of Consultation

This service is structured to:


  • Provide answers to your immediate questions.
  • Determine if you were “Doxed”.
  • Develop a strategy to remove private information posted online.
  • Provide you with the available options, both criminal and civil.


This is a telephonic consultation which lasts at least 2+ hours, followed by a walk-thru session for the below-described actions taken.  After we receive payment, you provide us with a general time-frame, and then you set an appointment for us to talk via phone, Skype, or IM. In advance of the consultation, we provide you with a detailed questionnaire and link to our list of tools, and ask you to review both first so we do not waste time during the consultation.


Use this service if:


  • Your social security number, date of birth, or other private information appears online.
  • You are being threatened with a “Dox.”
  • You are unsure about how your private information was posted online.



Topics Discussed


What is a Dox?

How did they find my private information?

Can they be identified?

How do You Remove a Dox?

Strategy for preventing future Doxing.



Actions Taken


Steps to preserve and document evidence.

Walk-thru of steps to report private information posted online.

Walk thru of proper lockdown of social media.

Steps for monitoring and cleanup of data found on Internet

Access to security and privacy tools.




 Price: $180.00







Payment Plan Available:


$90.00 Due Immediately

$45 Due within 30 Days,

$45 Due within 60 Days





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