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Our experience with helping people online has taught us that many times, a full-blown investigation is not required to successfully resolve Internet Harassment, Online Hacking, and various Online Scams situations.


Instead, a thorough consultation with user-friendly solutions will often times help solve the matter at hand. If a solution is not readily available, then a suggested strategy to solve your issue is given. Several of our consultations offer “walk-thru’s” to implement suggested solutions, and we also provide you with links to many free and low-cost tools to help in the process.


Also, a consultation is cost-effective and should be considered as an alternative if you are unable to afford hourly investigation.  Our consultations are low-cost and affordable, especially compared to the average cost for an attorney at $200-$400 per hour. Don’t get us wrong, we love our attorney clients and friends, and for some cases legal counsel is necessary. But, if you are unable to afford an attorney, then we are a viable alternative.


Lastly, we really want to help you. We live for success stories; they give us a lot of self-satisfaction.  That said, we do not want costs to stop you from using our service. If you do not have the ability to pay for our service in one payment, we can set up a payment plan over the course of several months.


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