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Overview of Consultation

This consultation is structured to:


  • Provide answers to your immediate questions.
  • Help you plan and decide on a strategy for stopping the harassment.
  • Provide you with the available options, both criminal and civil.


This is a telephonic consultation which lasts at least 2+ hours. After we receive payment, you provide us with a general time-frame, and then you set an appointment for us to talk via phone, Skype, or IM. In advance of the consultation, we provide you with a detailed questionnaire and link to our list of tools, and ask you to review both first so we do not waste time during the consultation.


Use this consultation if:


  • You cannot afford an Internet Harassment investigation.
  • You, or a family member or friend, or co-worker receives harassing email
  • You find somebody impersonating you online
  • You, or a family member or friend, or co-worker find harassing posts on Facebook



Topics Discussed


  • Who is harassing you?
  • What methods are they using?
  • Can they be identified?
  • What are your options?



 Actions Taken


  • Steps to preserve and document evidence.
  • Steps to identify future harassment.
  • Steps to report abuse.
  • Steps to ensure computer and accounts are safe.
  • Access to security and privacy tools




Price: $180.00







Payment Plan Available:


$90.00 Due Immediately

$45 Due within 30 Days,

$45 Due within 60 Days



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