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Internet Private


Cyber Investigation Services


Sometimes you need answers to Online questions which do not fall under the category of Internet harassment or Online stalking. This could be as simple as an anonymous email, or complex as a document “Dox” posted online.


We are highly trained in multiple areas of Online Computer Investigation.  We also want to help you – but first you need to help us too!


Want to know your options? Fill out our Questionnaire and we'll assess your situation free of charge.





Remember, you won’t get an answer to your question unless you ask. It’s the first step towards resolving your situation. Even if you decide not to go forward with our services – we assure you, our response will be informative and provide you with more information than you had before you found our website.


Cyberinvestigation services we can help with include:


  • Internet Investigations
  • Craigslist Fraud
  • Ebay Fraud
  • Hacked Facebook Account
  • Email Tracing
  • Online Defamation
  • IP Trace
  • Internet Cheating
  • Non-Delivery Fraud
  • Craigslist Scams
  • Romance Scams
  • E-Whoring
  • Hacking Attempt
  • Online Impersonation
  • Online ID Theft
  • Online Dating Check
  • Fake Online Identity
  • Cyber Crime Investigations
  • Hacked Email Account
  • Hacked Gmail Account

California Private Investigator

Riverside Private Investigator

Since 1930 we have offered various Private Detective services in Los Angeles, focusing on Civil Litigation support.


From Asset Checks to Background Checks, we continue to offer our “nuts and bolts” investigative services to our numerous Attorney, Bank, Municipal and Title Company clients.


We offer decades of time-tested and proven experience to guide you thru your investigation.


The explosion of readily available information on the Internet creates a confusing and often misinterpreted quagmire of data – which requires a seasoned eye to sift thru, or to make sense of. There is no substitution for 85 years of wisdom and logic.


We offer our traditional investigative services in California, including:


  • Missing Witness
  • Real Estate Investigations
  • Asset Investigations
  • Background Investigations
  • Skip Tracing
  • Mortgage Fraud Help
  • Eminent Domain Assistance
  • Asset Check
  • Locate Search
  • Background Check
  • Non Military Affidavit
  • Due Diligence
  • Locate Defendant
  • Judgment Debtor Locate
  • Witness Locate
  • Resume Fraud
  • Business Due Diligence
  • Business Background Check
  • Title Searches
  • California DMV Records Search
  • Military Affidavit
  • Surplus of Funds Locates
  • Phone Harassment
  • Online Auction Fraud
  • Non Delivery of Merchandise
  • Cell Phone Search


Harassment Help

Cyber Harassment Investigators


Welcome to our site, where our goal is to provide you with real Internet harassment help.


Our message to you:








Instead, we will listen to your problem. We will work with you to analyze your options, and formulate a plan to help stop the Online harassment.




Typical Internet Harassment problems we can help with include:


  • Email Trace
  • S extortion
  • Personal Online Attack
  • Phone Trace
  • Cyber Slander
  • Cyber Extortion
  • Text Message Trace
  • Facebook Harassment
  • I was Doxed
  • Internet Defamation
  • Online Threats
  • Texting Harassment
  • Threatening Email
  • Blackmail Scams
  • Cyber Bullying


Report Abuse, Cyberbullying or Cyber Exploitation


Our REPORT ABUSE and REPORT EXPLICIT IMAGE links are the most up to date links found on the Internet to quickly report abusive behavior on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc.

  • We understand the situation you are in and know YOU are the victim.
  • We won't tell you to “tough it out”, or that you are over-reacting.
  • We won't tell you to go “offline” since that's not a solution.


California Cyber Investigations / California Cyber Investigators

Our clients consist of Attorneys, Banks, Businesses, Families and various victims of Online Harassment in the State of California.

Background Checks-Due Diligence-Banks-Commercial Lenders-SBA Loans
Child Harassed Online-Help with Cyber Stalker-Stop Harassing Emails
Small Business Background Check-Business Background Check-Public Records Check
Civil Litigation support-Asset Checks-Background Checks-Missing Witnesses and Defendants



Harassment Laws

Cyberharassment and Online Harassment includes harassing email, texts and other electronic messages – but the messages or posts are sent to annoy or harass, and do not contain credible threats. California Penal Code 653.2 P.C. covers this type of Internet harassment.


Has an ex threatened to post your private, intimate photos or videos Online? Did your ex send intimate photos to your boss or co-workers? Read more about California Penal Code 647(j)(4) P.C., known as the Revenge P o rn law.


Is somebody chatting with your child using a phone app, or exchanging explicit photos in text messages? The California law which governs such actions is Penal Code 288.2 P.C., Harmful Matter Sent with Intent to Seduce a Minor.


Online Impersonation with the intent to defraud, threaten, intimidate or harm another person is illegal, see California Penal Code 528.5 P.C., Online Impersonation with Intent to Cause Harm.


Annoying phone calls, text messages, emails and photos or videos sent with the intent to harass or annoy is against the law, refer to California Penal Code 653m P.C., Electronic Communication with Intent to Annoy.


Civil Online

Harassment Laws

California also provides for Civil actions to recover damages as the result for many of the criminal violations related to Online Harassment.


These laws include:


Civil Code 1708.7

Civil Stalking


Civil Procedure 527.6

Civil Harassment


Civil Code 1708.8

Anti-Paparazzi Act | Unlawful Pictures


Civil Code 45

Defamation | Libel


California Attorney General Office


The California Attorney General's office recently announced an increased effort to help stop Cyber Harassment, Cyberexpoitation and Online Harassment.


They offer several free tools, which you can find at:


California Attorney General List of California Computer Crimes


California Attorney General 4 Steps to Take for Cyber Exploitation Poster




Did your ex hack your computer? Think your computer was hacked? Read more about California Penal Code 502 P.C., Unauthorized Access to Computer


Criminal Threats are treated as a serious crime in California. While these threats can be a component of Cyberstalking, they can also be pursued as separate charges. Threats sent by phone, email, text, or other forms like "posts" on social media,  where the intent is to cause the victim(s) sustainable fear, is governed by Penal Code 422 P.C., Criminal Threats.


Recording a person with a cell phone or video cam, in a place where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy (inside a bedroom or bathroom) is against the law; California Penal Code 647(j) P.C., Disorderly Conduct Voyeurism


Extortion, by threat of exposing private photos, videos or personal information is a Felony in California, see California Penal Code 518 and Penal Code 519 P.C.


Another serious crime, and different than Cyberharassment, Cyberstalking is a pattern of behavior with credible threats of harm or other malicious behavior. Details can be found under California Penal Code 646.9 P.C., which also addresses offline Stalking.


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