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Google Report Abuse

Google Removal Notes

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As reflected-above, Google has many direct links for removal for all their products, including Google Search, YouTube, Google Drive, Google+ and Blogger. We include documentation below for their services most commony associated with Online harassment, including Google Search, YouTube, Google+ and Gmail.


Google Safety and Reporting information can be found in multiple spots. In the Documentation below, we include two links which provide top-level access to reporting for all the Google products.

Documentation from Google



YouTube Policies, safety and reporting page, including Policy Center, Reporting Center and Safety Center



Google Safety Center, including Google Search, YouTube, and Google+



Removing Non-consensual Porn from Google Hosted Products and Search


We know that sexually explicit imagery that is shared without consent is upsetting and distressing for victims, and so Google has policies to prohibit it on our services. We also have clear process for users to let us know if they identify content on Google services that violates our policies.


On Drive, Google+, and YouTube, sharing sexually explicit content is generally disallowed. Users can flag offending content using the in-product user flags so that we can review and remove prohibited content. Step-by-step instructions are available in the Help


Centers for Drive, Google+, and YouTube.


On Blogger, users can visit this link to report that someone has posted a private nude or sexually explicit image or video of them without their consent so we can take it down.


On Google Play, users can flag inappropriate apps on an app’s detail page in the Google Play Store. Step-by-step instructions on how to do this are available in the Google Play Help Center.


On Google Search, we will remove links to private nude and sexually explicit images and videos upon request, where the subject has not consented to distribution. Users may request removal of such links using this form.


It is important to remember that even if Google deletes specific URLs from search result pages, the webpage hosting the content still exists. We offer specific information on helping users understand how to contact a site’s webmaster so they can ask that content be removed from a website. Removal of the content from the source is the only way to actually get the content removed from the web.


In addition to applying the above policies, we may also remove or restrict access to content where it violates local law. Anyone who has a legal basis to remove content from any of our products can seek action by visiting Removing Content from Google.


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