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Due Diligence-Business Check-Business Background Check

California Business Due Diliegnce-Small Business Background Check

Informed decision-making comes from a long tradition of guessing and then blaming others for inadequate results.

- Scott Adams

Due Diligence Report-Legal Due Diligence-Due Diligence Process


Due Diligence is no longer for big business only. Small business can take advantage of big business research before they acquire, or merge, with another company.


If you or your company has an interest in another small business, there's no need to pay thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars to determine if the target company is financially sound, free of encumbrances or operates in a fiscally responsible manner.


Our office has several "packages" of tailored investigative components which give you the answers you need. All at a small business price.


What You Get:


  • Verify assets offered as collateral
  • Verify Corporate status of the business, including all LP, LLC filings with the Secretary of State
  • Verify "dba" filings with copies (Fictitious Business Names)
  • Confirm valid Tax ID Number issuance
  • Review of Civil litigation to determine the cause and disposition of the litigation
  • Identify current or past tax liens, with copies of the liens
  • Find past or current Judgments, including those not reported to credit bureaus, D & B, or Experian Business Credit
  • Verify real property assets
  • Verify open encumbrances (loans) for real property assets
  • Title Search of real property assets including copies of Grant Deed, Trust Deeds and other recorded documents
  • Confirm leasehold interests, term and lessor information
  • Verification of ownership for Trademarks and Patents
  • Verification of professional licenses
  • Verification of business licenses
  • Verification of business or trade references
  • Confirm ABC licenses
  • Identify an Notices of Bulk Transfer, including copies
  • Confirm Board of Equalization tax permits
  • Identify all UCC Filings as Debtor and Secured Party with Secretary of State, including copies
  • County Recorder Index to find or uncover other recorded transactions or transfers
  • News and online media search
  • Extended brand monitoring
  • Social Network Intelligence upon the Principals of the company


Typical Cost Small Business Investigation: $600 - $800



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