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About Our Investigation Agency

We have a long history dating back to a time when Private Investigators in Los Angeles were few and far between.

We started in 1930 with traditional Private Detective services, but eventually found our niche in litigation support and corporate investigations.

In years past, we worked cases such as missing persons locates and following cheating spouses. But, those long days of surveillance have been replaced by long hours recovering deleted text messages from a cheating spouse cell phone.

Similarly, a traditional stakeout or surveillance to uncover fraud or employee misconduct can often times be avoided by employee monitoring of their company issued cell phone; or by computer monitoring of their desktop workstation.

As technology integrates with every facet of our lives, so does our ability to provide you with computer crime investigation and online investigations.

And of course, we continue to provide our premium attorney services.

Exciting News Coming in 2014

We are expanding our computer investigations. In addition to our traditional investigation service, we will be certified in the following areas of cyber investigation:

CFCE - Certified Computer Forensic Examiner
EnCe - Encase Certified Examiner
ACE - AccessData Certified Examiner
CCENT - Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician
CompTIA A+
CompTIA Security+

These Forensic IT services certifications will strengthen our integration into our new practice areas of Computer Security, eDiscovery Support, Network Incident Response, Internet Data Security, Internet Privacy, and Computer Hacking.

Stay tuned for this exciting new transition!

Riverside Private Investigator Services

We offer over 83 years of field tested experience and know-how with the following services:

About Our Website

Our website is Certified Malware Free and sensitive pages are Encrypted with 128-bit SSL. You probably noticed a few grammatical errors and even words that are misspelled. These “mistakes” are not mistakes at all. Almost every word, sentence and paragraph on our website is specifically structured to help you find us on the Internet. Once again, our attention to detail is second to none.

Our current video features an easy method to create secure passwords. Many of the common security issues today can be avoided with the simple implementation of a secure password, and this video shows you how to create one. Video credit to EndsightIT.

Look for additional videos coming soon.

Internet Investigations

The Internet has evolved into a powerful, universal tool offering easy communication, freedom of speech, anonymity, education, and entertainment.

With such an awesome tool comes the ability to do just about anything imaginable. Including, bad things.

Are you a victim of Internet crime or Internet fraud? We are highly trained in online investigations and can help with the following:

  • Internet Investigations
  • Online Cheating Spouse
  • Craigslist Fraud
  • Ebay Fraud
  • Email Tracing
  • IP Tracing
  • Internet Cheating
  • Threatening Email
  • Employee Misconduct
  • Craigslist Scams
  • Non-Payment Scams
  • Romance Fraud
  • LinkedIn Verification
  • Online Resume Check
  • Internet Affairs
  • Internet Profile
  • Online Background Investigation
  • Hacking Attempts
  • Online Identity Theft
  • Network Instrusion
  • Workplace Misconduct by Employees
  • "Catfish" Investigation
  • Non-Delivery of Merchandise
  • Auction Fraud
  • Romance Scams
  • Email Fraud
  • Online Dating Check
  • Workplace Affairs

Coverage Areas

Many, many years ago we started as Los Angeles Investigators.

After the fax machine came along we moved our investigation agency to Orange County.

Finally, the Internet and email arrived and now the coverage area for our investigative services includes all of Southern California, with a preference for Riverside Investigator services.

We perform our Internet Investigations, phone harassment, and online research on a Nationwide basis. Our computer forensics examinations and cell phone forensics are limited to the Southern California area.

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